T.P. Business Solutions LLC
Staff leasing

T.P. Business Solutions LLC
Staff leasing

Each idea has to be implemented. Implementation is run by people. Experts in their field. We support your implementations providing people who will temporarily join your organization. They come to support you and leave when support is no longer needed. Your capacity concerns will be addressed.

About us

Nowadays, the world becomes digital. Most of business ideas require technology projects to be successfully delivered. Moreover, resources should be as flexible as possible. In order to reach successful implementation, our experts support you temporarly, only when it is needed, in all the steps that leads to it: scope of work formulation, requirements description and sign off, epic and stories creation, deadlines setting and tracking, tests and roll out into production. All delivered by contractors who come to your organization only for time of the project.

Tomasz Pawlowicz

Payment Expert and Manager with 22 years’ experience in the Financial Services and Technology sectors, with extensive knowledge of payment technologies and operating models. Strong analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills with the ability to assess complex client needs and provide tailored solutions, ensuring first class client relationship development.

What we do for You

Skills that will support your business idea implementation

We will cooperate with you to identify managerial skills, experience, that will be supportive in your idea implementation and we will propose profiles of freelancers who match your needs.

Providing support

We will provide support of temporary contractors who have done it before or have skills that enable them to manage your implementation. They act under your brand.

Ongoing supervision

We believe in knowledge exchange. Nobody is left alone in their delivery. We secure time and make effort to make sure we address all the challenges in the project delivery process.

Your partner in business


Your partner in business


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